Whats on

Beach Cricket

East Meath United FC

Beach Cricket is fun filled entertainment, competitive cricket played on beach with varied rules from professional cricket. It is a unique, quickest and funniest version of cricket played on beach with team of six players using tennis ball.  To know more about Beach Cricket click here..

Beach Soccer

Beach Soccer is new addition since last year to Beach Sports festival this year. Free goal posts will be availabe for everyone to enjoy soccer in Beach..

Beach Athletic Races

Fancy running race in beach? Show how fast you are. Following are scheduled races:

  • Running – (U9) – 60m
  • Running – (U12) – 100m
  • Running – (U16) – 200m
  • Running – (U18) – 300m
  • Running – (Open) – 400m

Beach Volleyball

Free net will be available for any one to play volleyball

Beach Fitness Camp

Boot camp style fitness session also to take place.

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